Thursday, July 30, 2009


Hello to everyone this site is for every one who loves music. It's great site for music lovers.

History of music:

Origins of music found in Africa and its more than 50,000 years earlier when first song was
sang by someone.In subcontinent, music are found in sculptures of mohenjodaro and harappa which are more than 5000 years old civilizations.In china music have 3000 old history. Ancient Greece also use to play music. The ancient Egyptians credited the god Thoth with the invention of music.
As conclusion,music remain an important part of every old civilization.

Free Ebook about Origins and history of Music:
Origins of Music

Songs Websites:-

There are allot of sites which are giving free music or songs over the internet. But for all sites there is variance in music loudness, quality and quantity. Some sites are giving free music for free but there's many ad's and pop-up a new window of ad's on your browser most of them contain virus .exe file. If a website is giving free music then either there's a problem of quantity while other website will have quality. All the problems are there but I will mention only those which have good music library plus quality will also count.

Hollywood Music:-


'katz' is a website where there's only put your album name or song name in the search bar which is appearing at the top of the window. I find every kind of music here and allot of format availbe amazing... Please try this site and you will find great stuff and I as soon as I find more about hollywood music I will upload here.

Bollywood Music:-

There's allot of music sites which is providing bollywood music but quality and quantity issue is also a problem and most of sites are containing ad's which are probably contain .exe virus file.


Guitar is an musical instrument use with history of history of more than 4000 years old medieval period. It mostly use in European countries in previous centuries. In other countries it was named as tainbur, setar and satar. It contain six strings others four-, seven-, eight-, ten-, eleven-, twelve-, thirteen- and eighteen-string guitars also exist. Its an important music instrument for country, blues, musicflamenco, jazz, mariachi, rock music and many other forms of pop.
Guitar Lessons and Videos:-
While searching over internet for free lessons about guitar I found 3 sites which I can say they are giving allot of lessons for beginners. Especially 'freeguitarvideos' is the site which have bundles of free guitar lessons.
These sites are:-
freeguitarvideos - dolphinstreet - guitartricks

For videos of guitar lessons:-
AaronsGuitarLessons - heartwoodguitar - jamplay

For Guitar Softwares:-
guitar-pro - guitarz - guitar-online